With our dirty clothes piled in a corner outside of our bathroom (yes we are normal people), hubs and I thought it would be timely to buy a washing basket, aka a laundry hamper. A quick Google search and advice from our fellow Aussie expats lead us to Zara Home. The Aussie equivalent is probably […]

So it turns out, you can’t buy self raising flour in Spain. Many trips to various different grocery stores, broken Spanish, google tranlsater  and even bilingual English/Spanish speaking customers who took pity on my poor attempts to explain what I was looking for in sign language – ultimately failed to rustle up self raising flour. […]

We have officially been in Madrid for 2 weeks now and I have just finished my first week of work! That’s right. I am back in the employment saddle and legally so! I have returned to my chalky roots and re-engaged with teenage angst. I am back in front of a classroom as an Auxiliary […]

Walls of everything! You name it, alcampo’s got a wall of it. Alcampo is basically a gargantuous department store in Spain which stocks everything you need for the home, including groceries! It was one of the first places we went to for the basics – kettle, toaster, ironing board and to stock up the fridge. […]

Without boring you with my nerdy craft ventures which truly suit my newfound ‘ama de casa’ image, I wanted to share my first experience in a sewing/knitting/craft store in Madrid. It was crazy. Muy loco…. Just off one of the many busy side streets in Puerta del Sol yesterday, I visited a store which looked […]

There it is. In black and white. I am officially a ‘housewife’. A ‘homemaker’. A wife to a working husband. The brutality of these three Spanish words hit home as I was filling out one of the many, many forms to open a Spanish bank account. Right next to (un)employment: Ama de casa I know […]

I was encouraged to start this blog by an 80-year-old Luxembourgian gentleman during a Christmas day lunch in Melbourne, Australia. While we were feasting on a traditional British luncheon (the roast turkey and the inflamed Christmas pudding as always at odds with the Australian Summer sunshine), our European guest quizzed me on my intentions for […]