Spain: the country of incredible lights

Most Spanish cities I have visited so far (to be fair only about 5) have been absolutely spectacular at night time. When the sun sets and sky gradually darkens the Spanish lights turn on and boy is it worth hanging around for.

The lighting in Spain is incredible.

Wherever and whenever I walk around Spanish cities, I can’t help gazing at the lights and I am quickly learning to appreciate how they add to the beauty of a city.

On top of the standard lighting you find in shopping centres and restaurants – which Spain does particularly well – there are also the following:

Street lamps and road lights.
Such boring names really that do not do justice to their presence in Spain.
I’m not talking about the freeway/motorway lights which are pretty ugly (muy feo) in every country…. I’m talking about beautiful lamps that line the streets. They provide the backdrop of the Spanish crowds that come out in the evening – every night of the week.

Valencia Light 1

Valencia Light 3Before coming to Spain, I really did not appreciate how beautiful these lights could be. Yes I’ve seen movies – but it’s not the same.

You must come to Spain, if only to see sights like this in Valencia:

Valencia 4

A bullring, right next to a train station (which inside looks scarily similar to Sydney Central Station), surrounded by beautiful street lamps and hundreds of people. Everyone is there to socialise. To talk. To be together. Home is for sleeping.

And then you have the lights deliberately and perfectly placed to shine against antique buildings, magnificent churches and architecture which make me believe that we can live in and amongst art.Valencia 6
Puerta de Alcala
Walking past these buildings, to me, is like walking on the set of my favourite movie. Having only previously experienced these sights from the comfort of my couch, the real life experience literally takes your breath away.

Feliz Navidad! Christmas lights! Amazing!

The Christmas lights in Madrid are so good that the city puts on a double decker tourist bus which for only a couple of Euros will take you past all of the lights in the city. A testament to the greatness of these lights is the huge line up every evening of Spanish speaking, true blue, Madrid locals who enjoy the sights in their own city.Puerta de Alcala 1


And then there is simply lighting up the entire city.

Driving past on the freeway, or strolling along cobblestone streets – looking onto a Spanish city is always spectacular. Especially if it is has a castle, stone walls or old Roman ruins – thank you Toledo….

You feel like you are in completely different time…. and sometimes you’re so enthralled that you forget about the time…. and then you forget about the time your train is scheduled to depart…. and then you are frantically running to what looks like a main road to flag down a taxi…. which is nowhere to be seen…. and so you half walk, half jog in the direction of the train station for a few kilometres until you eventually find a taxi that is willing to break the local speed limit to get you to your train…. only after you try and explain in poor Spanish that you were mesmerised by the beautiful lights that you forgot about the time…..We made it to the train with about 30 seconds to spare… it literally pulled out of the station as we were making our way to our seats… and it was so worth it.

The lights in Toledo are stunning and next time – we’ll just book the later train.

Of note – My apologies, all of these photos were taken with our mobile phones – I will charge the DSLR and start taking some nice snaps soon.


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  1. What?? No Photos of The Cibeles Fountain and the Palacio de de Comunicaciones? We will need to go and take one! File Photo for reference everyone:

    Time to up the Ante! We need to send this girl out for a night of Photo’s around town!

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