Home – Zara style….

With our dirty clothes piled in a corner outside of our bathroom (yes we are normal people), hubs and I thought it would be timely to buy a washing basket, aka a laundry hamper. A quick Google search and advice from our fellow Aussie expats lead us to Zara Home. The Aussie equivalent is probably an expensive version of Freedom Furniture or the home section of David Jones.

We were in luck; finding a very nice and overpriced basket to do the job.

Amidst this domestic bliss we were confronted by quite bizarre reminders of home!

The flavour of the month in Zara Home is Australian birds – particularly cockatoos!

Cockatoo Water JugYou have the Cockatoo water jug, matching bathroom condiment holders…

Cockatoo BathroomAnd then there is the lamp….

And rainbow lorikeet sheets!

imageWe didn’t go with the pineapple laundry hamper:

Pineapple Hamper

I didn’t think I’d find a touch of Aussie in the homeware store – but there you go folks….


One comment

  1. Mean wife didn’t let me buy the pineapple 😦

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